Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

We love what we do

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.

Our working process

She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself on the way.

About Our Workshop

Our products use natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly 

Our workshop is located in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta, which is located in Central Java because many natural raw materials are found in that area. We process natural ingredients into goods that are ready to use in a traditional way. The raw materials we process include water hyacinth, sea grass, palm raffia, banana fiber and others. All craftsmen are residents from around Yogyakarta who are 50 years old on average. We do all the production process in our workshop, starting from drying and manufacturing, as well as the final process. 


Our Teams

Very friendly and always ready to provide information.

Our staff is always ready to provide the information consumers need. Always ready by answering emails and informing about products, prices, estimated delivery and order creation times. Please contact our staff if you need all the necessary information.


Our Shops

Very convenient to visit 

Our shop is always full of the newest and best product variations, making it easier for consumers to choose their needs.

The atmosphere in the store is always comfortable and full of our newest and best products, it’s very pleasant to be in our shop.

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Our Shipment

Natural handmade products have been widely marketed in various countries, we always ship to big cities around the world, safely and on time

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Our Production

We can produce thousands of units per month for home decoration made from natural ingredients. We are always on time and our quality standards are always maintained.